Our Fan Relations team wanted a unique way to capture the interest and attention of our first-year Season Ticket Holders. In the past, a 2-pocket folder would be sent out with letter-size documents detailing the various benefits and perks of being a Season Ticket Holder. Although practical, it lacked the personality and spirit of the Wild organization. As a first-touch piece for new accounts, I wanted this to be something fun. And what’s more fun than a skate boot with real laces?!

Working with Carlson Print Group, I developed a concept design for a folder pocket that would “lace-up” and hold 5×7 documents – even replacing the old letter-sized benefit sheets with a custom Rookie Kit booklet. For an extra touch, Carlson Print Group added a boot-like rough texture coating to the outside. The result? A memorable piece sure to excite our “Rookies.”