Perhaps one of the more interesting perks I’ve been fortunate to experience is writing for the State of Hockey¬†Wild game program. My degree is in Mass Communications / Print Journalism with an emphasis in sports writing, so getting the opportunity a few years back to serve as assistant editor and feature writer for this publication was a complete blast. I was able to sit down with players one-on-one and get to know their unique backgrounds and personalities for each feature.

Note: Tragically, both Pavol Demitra and Derek Boogaard have passed away since these articles were written. Demitra in a plane crash in Russia, and Boogaard due to a drug overdose in Minnesota. Both of these men had hearts of gold and were humble, gifted hockey players. It was truly an honor to get to know them and share their stories. 

Trencin ConnectionGaborik & Demitra Article

The Softer Side of Boogaard The Softer Side of Boogaard

twwpspread1The Way We Play

BrunoCover Bruno’s Back

dynamicduoarticleDynamic Duo

Behind The MaskBehind the Mask