Las Vegas Raiders Groundbreaking Shovels

With the move to Las Vegas on the horizon for the Raiders, I was tasked with designing the groundbreaking shovels. Endless searches online showed one of two options – engraving on a shovel head directly, or applying a decal to the shovel surface. Neither of those options would do. I wanted something unique. Something that tied in the shape of the shovel head to the shape of our logo. A vinyl decal wouldn’t work edge-to-edge due to the ridges on the shovel. That’s when I called the hydro dipping company, Just Dip It, and they were willing to give it a try. I’d seen hydro dipping applications done on gun stocks and helmets, but never on a shovel. And it worked. Not only was it unique for our special ceremonies, but it was polished to a sleek automotive shine. They were a big hit for both Allegiant Stadium groundbreaking in Las Vegas as well as the Raiders Headquarters/Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center groundbreaking in Henderson.

The shovel also was incorporated into invitation and program design for the groundbreaking event.



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